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Welcome to my first blog for 2012.  If we believe the Mayan Calendar and the prophets of doom, then this may be our last year ever on the face of this planet.  Alternatively, it may well be that 2012 is the beginning of a far more open world where the flow of information is concerned.  You must understand, that governments maintain power by treating their subjects like mushrooms – that is, feeding them on bovine excrement and keeping them in the dark and that the internet has changed the way we communicate and has produced a new Reformation akin to that produced by Claxton’s printing press, if you can believe the following article from the Daily Bell

Internet Reformation
Date Accessed: 5.1.12
The problem is that this is not what Stephen Conroy and his bevvy of bureaucrats want!
Coming Your Way Soon – the Great Firewall of Australia!
Just when you thought that internet censorship was a dead issue and that Stephen Conroy had decided that it just wouldn’t cut it with the electorate – the sodding
Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (National Broadband Network Measures—Access Arrangements) Act 2011 was passed! 

Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (National Broadband Network Measures—Access Arrangements) Act 2011
While the whole debate on the National Broadband Network has been dominated by the cost issue, people have missed something far more sinister.  The government’s agenda is to force internet censoring on us by putting ACMA at the pinnacle of a single National Broadband Network internet.  The rest of this piece of legislation, I am assured, is pretty innocuous:  The person who informed me of this was one of those involved in the setting up of the internet in this country.

Fortunately, this censorship provision is easy to get around, largely, because the people who want to stop us finding out about their plans and past misdeeds and who are using the furphy of child pornography as a ruse do not really understand how the internet works.  Tunnelling is the answer to getting around this problem!  For a discussion and explanation of how this works see:
‘The Pirate Bay Dancing’ Add-On Killls DNS and IP BlockadesErnesto
November 30, 2011
Torrent Freak
Date Accessed: 22.12.1

Always beware of a government that wants to stop free speech, because if does, then it has something to hide, and that something is that it is operating in such a way, that it is not in your best interests!   You see at first blush, Stephen Conroy’s arguments seem quite reasonable, until you understand that the child pornography is on proxy servers and Virtual Private Networks (“VPN’s”) not the main internet!  The other thing is, he wants to create a child-safe internet, well, I’m afraid if parents don’t want their little darlings to look at adult content, then it is actually the responsibility of the parents to supervise their child’s web surfing habits and there is abundant and adequate software available for this purpose.  Adults should not be shut out from viewing adult content, whether or not they want to view this stuff, is another question entirely!  I don’t want a government, telling people, that they cannot view adult appropriate content because a child might see this!  Child pornography, which is disgusting by any measures, needs to be handled by the police infiltrating chat rooms and using their technology to break paedophile rings, in other words, attacking the problem where it is, not where it isn’t and thereby treating freedom of speech as collateral damage.

Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long
Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice

The pornography problem is well and truly offset by the openness that the politicians fear and for very good reasons.  As a person from Electronic Frontiers Australia said “Politicians hate the internet because they can’t sell it to their mates and they can’t kill it.”  The internet is indeed a scary place for politicians, because people can find out what they are doing.  A politician puts a foot wrong, and minutes later someone on the other side of the world finds out about their misdeed:  This fact has led to a new openness and enables the ordinary citizen to exercise scrutiny over corruption.  Remember that governments fall when they lose legitimacy!  See:

The Anatomy of the State
by Murray N. Rothbard
Date Accessed: 2.3.10

All of this discussion about secrecy and legitimacy leads me to ACMA, which I suggest has been put in place to protect corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.  What you have to understand is that there is absolutely no sensible reason why ACMA should be able to keep its blacklist of websites secret, nor is there any cogent reason why those who have had their websites blacklisted should not be informed of the decision, even more stupid, is the complete lack of appeal against a decision to ban a website!  When ACMA’s blacklist of websites was published, it included a Queensland dentist, a tour operator and a tuckshop.  These people would never have known that they had been banned, had the blacklist not been leaked.  Shortly thereafter, Wikileaks published this list which Stephen Conroy categorically denied was the blacklist, on the grounds that it contained a greater number of entries than the ones on his list but the disparity is explained thus:

“The disparity in the reported figure is most likely due to the fact that the list contains several duplicates and variations of the same URL that stem from a single complaint. Alternatively, some sites may have been added to the list by the filter software maker.”
Dentist, tuckshop cited on web blacklist
Asher Moses
March 19, 2009 – 2:35PM
Latest related coverage
Leaked Australian blacklist reveals banned sites
Date Accessed: 4.1.12

This sort of secrecy has no place in a democracy!  We do not need a Chinese Style Firewall in this country!  When you analyse the arguments of the censorship lobby, you can see that there is no good factual evidence or basis to support their decision, so it invites the inference that there must be a hidden agenda.  I leave you with the following quote and fact:

“It is not the function of Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.”
Robert H. Jackson (1892-1954), U.S. Judge

This says it all!
The leading cause of unnatural death in the twentieth century was governments.  During the Twentieth Century, governments killed in excess of 200,000,000 people – why would you want to trust governments, especially when it comes to telling you which information you can access and which you can’t?

Death by Government
Rummel, RJ
New Brunswick, NJ
Transaction Publishers, 1994
Date Accessed: 5.1.12

Rochelle Macredie
Oliveri Lawyers

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